casio pro trek solar powered watch

Designed for hiking and outdoor sport, the Casio Pro Trek watch runs completely on solar power. It features a built-in compass and altimeter to pinpoint one’s location, plus a barometric pressure alarm that alerts to sudden changes in pressure readings.

floor lamps by robert ogden

They’re one-of-a-kind. Philadelphia artist Robert Ogden makes handcrafted floor lamps and table lamps by combining repurposed vintage knobs, gears, wheels and pulleys into rustic, lighting pieces with a modern, eco-friendly vibe. Made in the USA.

weighing scale by sharper image

It never needs batteries. This solar powered bamboo weighing scale runs on sunlight or indoor light, so it never needs cords or batteries. The scale measures up to 400 lbs. (180 kg) in increments of 0.2 lbs. (0.1 kg)

wine glasses by sundance

Celebrate in an eco-friendly way with these stylish, 8oz, fireside wine tumblers. The wine glasses are handblown of subtly green recycled glass and dishwasher safe.

stacking blocks by stack and scare

With Stack and Scare Blocks, kids can build and create endless monsters with a variety of shapes and patterns. Stack and Scare stacking blocks are made in the USA from sustainable bass wood and painted with non-toxic inks. For ages 3 and up.

toms shoes eyewear bags coffee backpacks

TOMS Shoes has one simple mission; with every TOMS product purchase, they will help someone in need, one for one. TOMS works with 100 giving partners to deliver gifts of shoes, sight, water, safe births, and bullying prevention to people in need.

used cds dvds video games bluray records from secondspin

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Companies like Albany, New York based SecondSpin help to reduce landfill waste by buying and selling used CDs, DVDs, BluRay, video games, and vinyl records.

star lights by sundance

These decorative origami-inspired star lights are handmade from recycled all-cotton paper. Shine them indoors or on a covered outdoor space. Each star light is printed and perforated, so they can fold flat for storage and pop open easily.

cork yoga blocks by gaiam

Keep your yoga practice natural by choosing to use 100% natural yoga blocks made from cork. Yoga blocks help to deepen your stretches and poses, ensure proper alignment, and provide a comfy seat for meditation. Cork production is sustainable.

vinyl record wall clocks by records and stuff

Vinyl records are not dead, they’re nostalgic. San Diego based Records and Stuff makes handmade wall clocks and bowls with repurposed vinyl records. Current clocks and bowls include records from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Elvis, and more.

compostable paper cups by staples

If your business or event requires disposable cups, there are better alternatives to plastic and styrofoam. These 16 oz. paper cups are 100% compostable, made with renewable resources, recycled materials and environmentally certified.

acoustic guitar by martin

Not every guitar is made responsibly. The SWDGT acoustic guitar, by Martin, is constructed with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable cherry wood. This means that the wood originated in forests managed in a responsible manner.

water filter by soma

With Soma water filter products, water is filtered with sustainable, plant-based filters made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing. The pitcher is made with a wooden handle and BPA-free plastic. Save gas; Soma offers a Filters by Mail service.

online yoga classes on gaia

Save gas and time from finding and getting to and from yoga classes. Gaia offers streaming of exclusive progamming in guided yoga classes with the world’s best instructors, meditation, and mind-expanding programs in spiritual growth, films, and more.

tangram puzzle by pebbles

Get your creative juices flowing with a tangram puzzle. Fun for all ages, tangrams are tiles that can be configured into thousands of silhouette images like animals and people. Pebbles are a modern version of tangrams made from sustainable bamboo.