Ultimate Eco Snowboard

lib tech eco snowboard

Seattle, Washington based Lib Tech makes highly eco snowboards by a highly eco factory. Unlike other snowboard brands, Lib Tech does not use “any cancer-causing toxic automotive lacquer clearcoats” and toxic printing systems. Lib Tech uses ingredients such as soy-based elastomer, low volatile organic compound (VOC) epoxy, and basalt fiber in their snowboard design. The wood core inside each snowboard is from certified renewable wood.

The eco friendliness doesn’t end with the snowboards. Lib Tech’s factory outputs zero hazardous waste; it runs on wind and water generated power. The factory also recycles their scrap wood for soil additive and donated kindling; they also recycle their scrap plastic. Printing is done with a non-toxic, water-based ink system. In addition, the factory’s heating runs on renewable biodiesel.

Lib Tech handcrafts snowboards in the USA. Other notable brands that make eco snowboards in the same factory include: Roxy Snowboards and Gnu Snowboards. Feel free to read more about Lib Tech’s incredible environmental philosophy.


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