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tangram puzzle by pebbles

Get your creative juices flowing with a tangram puzzle. Fun for all ages, tangrams are tiles that can be configured into thousands of silhouette images like animals and people. Pebbles are a modern version of tangrams made from sustainable bamboo.

scubajet water sports jet engine

With Scubajet, you can turn your SUP, paddle board, dingy, or canoe into an aquatic, jet powered e-vehicle. It can also be used for diving and more. This jet engine puts out 44lbs of thrust and can cruise you along at up to 10 mph, with up to 9 hours of battery time. It’s safe around kids too.

edo cardboard building blocks for kids

Edo bricks are easy to assemble, life-size, Lego-like, cardboard building blocks for kids to build just about anything. The building blocks are sturdy and they come in multiple colors. The blocks are also made from recycled and recyclable cardboard.

last shirt on earth organic cotton t-shirt

This organic cotton t-shirt, by Last Shirt on EARTH, could possibly be the best, most comfortable, t-shirt you’ll ever own. The shirts are made with ultra soft, organic Supima cotton, which is the highest quality cotton in the world. 100% made in the USA