Category: Electronics

marley headphones

These House of Marley headphones are made with FSC certified sapele wood, recyclable aluminum, and they’re packed with 8mm high-performance speakers. Equipped with a microphone and Apple three-button controller, the headphones are tangle-free.

laptop sleeve 11 inch

The Alchemy Goods Eastlake 11-inch laptop sleeve is handmade in Seattle, Washington from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes. This case is made specifically for MacBook Air laptops, but it can accommodate a wide range of 11-inch or smaller laptops and tablets.

solartab power bank solar charger

The Solartab is a premium power bank or solar charger that’s powerful enough to charge your tablet, phone, and any other USB powered devices on the go, day or night. It’s equipped with two USB ports, a built in cover and stand, and a large 5.5W solar panel.

wooden earbuds

Enjoy acoustics from real wood. These noise-canceling premium sound earbuds are handcrafted using sustainable bamboo and plant-based bioplastics made from corn and sugar beet. The bioplastics are industrially compostable.

bluetooth speakers by house of marley

Roots, rock, green audio! Perfect for the beach or a picnic, the Roots Rock portable bluetooth speakers bring high quality audio through bamboo and recycled plastic. A carry bag is integrated, made from hemp, organic cotton, and recycled plastic bottles.

toast wooden laptop covers iPad covers

Toast handcrafts wooden laptop covers, tablet covers, and covers for just about every main stream tech device. The covers are made with sustainably sourced North American wood and sustainably grown bamboo from Asia. Toast is a member of 1% for the Planet.

ktor pocket socket hand portable generator

When your battery goes out or you’re nowhere near an outlet, tap into a little elbow grease. This portable generator will crank up enough power to your mobile phone to get your calls through. Charges any critical device needing a two-prong outlet.

xd design solar suntree solar phone charger

Need something eye catching for your desk? The Solar Suntree has 9 leaves made of solar panels that charge your mobile device. The solar phone charger is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery inside. Includes a USB and a mini-USD outlet.

solpro solar power bank

With this portable solar charging power bank, there’s no need to find an outlet for recharging. Just unfold the 3 built in solar panels, expose it to the sun, and wallah! Includes dual USB ports to charge 2 devices at one time.

rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries cost a bit more, but in the long run they can help save money and the environment from single-use batteries, which are complicated to recycle and contain harsh metals like lead.

eton rukus solar bluetooth speaker

Pump your tunes everywhere while the sunshine powers this all-terrain, water resistant, stereo speaker. It charges your Smartphone too and includes 2 full range speakers, and an internal battery that powers over 8 hours of listening at night.

logitech solar powered wireless keyboard

You can forget about battery hassles with this solar powered, wireless keyboard by Logitech. Any light source keeps it charged for at least three months in total darkness. It’s built for faster, quieter typing, with a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

ibamboo bamboo wooden iphone portable speaker

Pump up your volume through all-natural hollow bamboo. This portable, electricity-free, no-power-needed bamboo speaker is designed to magnify the sound from your iPhone to create a stereo-like effect and designed to sit on flat surfaces.

levin portable usb solar charger

Whether you’re off the grid or can’t find an outlet, you can charge your mobile devices up to 3 times with this, high capacity, shock-proof, dual usb port, solar charger. If the rechargeable battery runs out, just stick it out in the sun for a recharge, rain or shine.