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dog collar bottle opener by cycle dog

Make your pup a bottle opening super hero. This bottle opener equipped dog collar is made with post-consumer recycled rubber, which dries quickly, won’t fray, and won’t get stinky. Made in the USA, the collar’s surface is 100% reflective.

biodegradable dog poop bags

If you’re picking up poop everyday, these bags help to recycle it back to nature. Made with plant starch and food grade polymers, they leave no toxic residues when degrading. Each roll of bags are made to fit into standard size leash dispensers.

pet food by bogo bowl

For every healthy bag of Bogo Bowl pet food that you buy for your furry friend, cat or dog, Bogo Bowl gives an equal share of equal quality food to shelters and rescue programs in need. Bogo Bowl is premium dog and cat food, made from all natural ingredients.