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patio furniture gaiam

Keep your outdoor patio furniture stylish. For indoor or outdoor use, these accent cubes can be used as stools or tables. They are made from a recycled polypropylene blend and they’re stackable, weather and mildew resistant. Each cube is unique.

organic mattress protector by gaiam

Say goodbye to bed bugs. This mattress protector protects against dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens, so that you can sleep peacefully. Made in the USA from 100% organic cotton with a recycled polyurethane waterproof backing.

solar shower by sharper image

Take a hot shower powered by the sun. This solar shower features an oversized rain shower head with hot and cold adjustments. The water heats up to 130 degrees fahrenheit (55 C). Mountable on a wall or free-standing, it connects to a standard garden hose.

water fountain bird bath by sharper image

Attract nature and add sounds of moving water to your patio and garden. This water fountain and bird bath runs on solar power. It’s equipped with an underwater solar panel that powers a pump to keep the water splashing.

floor lamps by robert ogden

They’re one-of-a-kind. Philadelphia artist Robert Ogden makes handcrafted floor lamps and table lamps by combining repurposed vintage knobs, gears, wheels and pulleys into rustic, lighting pieces with a modern, eco-friendly vibe. Made in the USA.

wine glasses by sundance

Celebrate in an eco-friendly way with these stylish, 8oz, fireside wine tumblers. The wine glasses are handblown of subtly green recycled glass and dishwasher safe.

star lights by sundance

These decorative origami-inspired star lights are handmade from recycled all-cotton paper. Shine them indoors or on a covered outdoor space. Each star light is printed and perforated, so they can fold flat for storage and pop open easily.

vinyl record wall clocks by records and stuff

Vinyl records are not dead, they’re nostalgic. San Diego based Records and Stuff makes handmade wall clocks and bowls with repurposed vinyl records. Current clocks and bowls include records from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Elvis, and more.

french press by starbucks and bodum

It’s a greener way to enjoy the coffee you love. Made with 50% post-consumer plastic, this Starbucks french press, by Bodum, makes 4 cups of more flavorful coffee. The coffee press is temperature safe and comes with a patented safety lid.

organic aprons, oven mitts, table runners, cloth napkins by a greener kitchen

A Greener Kitchen products include fair-trade, certified organic cotton shop aprons, oven mitts, table runners, pot holders, cloth napkins and more. Designed by one of the USA’s few eco-friendly textile artisans. Made in the USA.

solar motion sensor light by litom

This solar powered outdoor motion sensor light can be mounted in your driveway, garden, patio, or where ever you need security lighting. It’s waterproof, has multiple sensor modes, and it shines bright with 20 LED lights. Detects people within 30 feet.

sodastream soda maker

Make your own great tasting soda or sparkling water with a SodaStream soda maker. Soda makers eliminate the need for planet-polluting supply chains that carbonate water into single-use plastic bottles and transport them miles and miles to a store.

bottle opener beers not bomb from war to peace

It’s all about beers, not bombs, with this badass bottle opener. From War to Peace recycles the copper from disarmed and recycled nuclear weapons to make bottle openers and jewelry. 20% of profits are donated to peace and social justice organizations.

himalayan salt lamp by so well

These Fair Trade Himalayan salt lamps are natural air ionizers that improve the air quality in your home or office. As a result, the abundance of negative ions emitted from a Himalayan salt lamp enhances your wellness; better sleep, breathing and immune system.

bamboo insulated stainless steel mug by forestry

Keep your drinks warmer or cooler longer with this plastic reducing, stainless steel and bamboo, double-walled, insulated mug. In addition, the outer surface does not heat like ceramic mugs, so it’s always safe to touch. It also comes with a lid.